Asking India help in Afghanistan is a sure recipe for more disaster: Basit


ISLAMABAD: Criticizing President Donald Trump’s new Afghan policy, recently retiring Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India, Abdul Basit has said that US is either clueless or deliberately complicating matters in Afghanistan.

Abdul Basit, who also served as Pakistan’s Foreign Office Spokesman, in his tweets said, “Asking for more India’s involvement in Afghanistan is a sure recipe for more disaster.”

Donald in his new Afghan policy announced Tuesday said, “We appreciate India’s important contributions to stability in Afghanistan, but India makes billions of dollars in trade with the United States, and we want them to help us more with Afghanistan.”

Trump went says another critical part of the South Asia strategy for America is to further develop its strategic partnership with India. “We are committed to pursuing our shared objectives for peace and security in South Asia and the broader Indo-Pacific region.”



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