Imran lashes out at top political, military leadership after Raymond Davis memoir


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan advised every Pakistani national to read the recently released memoir by Raymind Davis, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) spy contractor.

The memoir released on June 27, 2017 has stirred intense debate across Pakistan and the worldwide.

In his tweets on Saturday, Imran Khan advises, “This book titled (The Contractor: How I Landed in a Pakistani Prison and Ignited a Diplomatic Crisis) should be read by Pakistani to understand why we are treated with so little respect internationally.”

Imran also criticized Pakistan’s top military and political leadership for their role in the release of Raymond Davis and termed it a ‘shameful’ act.

“A shameful account of how our top political and military leadership collaborated to let a cold blooded killer, responsible for 4 deaths, go scot-free.”

The former spy, Raymond Davis, had shot two men in Lahore on January 27, 2011 while a third man was killed by a vehicle coming to rescue him. His arrest and following developments ignited a diplomatic crisis between Pakistan and the United States. In less than two months, Raymond Davis was released on March 16, 2011, after the families of the two killed men received $2.4 million as blood money. He then immediately returned to the US.

A fresh debate has erupted in Pakistan, particularly on the social media, about the role of a former ISI chief General retired Pasha in the whole episode.


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