Iran envoy hopes Pakistan to address issue of Raheel Sharif?s appointment in Islamic Military Alliance


 ISLAMABAD: Iranian Ambassador Mehdi Honardoost n Monday said Tehran has raised issue of General (retd) Raheel Sharif’s appointment as head of Islamic Military Alliance with the Pakistani government, expressing the hope Islamabad Pakistan would soon make a good  decision in this regard.

When asked to comment whether Pakistan can play a role in resolving Gulf’s diplomatic crisis involving Qatar, Saudi Arabia and its allies , he told Geo News Pakistan is a key member of “Islamic family” who could play an important role.

He said Pakistan can help resolve disputes among Muslim countries by acting as a mediator. He said the dispute in the region was not in the interest of any country, and all the counties should find a peaceful  resolution through talks .

“We will have to move towards peace and stability instead of new conflicts,” the ambassador said.

Responding to a question, he said Saudi Arabia’s stance on Iran consists of allegations. “We do believe  any new conflict in the region can pave a way for foreign intrusion.


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