Shameful to see PM refusing to resign despite proofs against him: Imran


ISLAMABAD: Reiterating his demand for resignation, PTI Chairman Imran Khan criticized PM Nawaz Sharif for refusing to step down from the post despite proofs of money laundering, tax evasion, assets concealment besides perjury and forgery against him.

In a series of blistering tweets Imran said, “It is shameful to see Nawaz Sharif refusing to resign.”

Khan said, “Nawaz Sharif is willing to betray nation and malign his late father and children just to remain in power despite all loss of moral and legitimate authority.”

What Nawaz Sharif calls conspiracy against him and democracy is actually his inability to subvert accountability process by buying off all those holding him accountable, Imran asserted. 

“Earlier he (Nawaz) had always been able to escape accountability for past 30 years by bribing and bluffing his way out of it. Now he has been nabbed,” PTI chief maintained.


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